Thursday, November 27, 2008


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Update 2/22/10: I see that since I've upgraded my blog template many pictures below exceed the width of their frame. I'll soon get around to fixing this. Update 4/1/10: This is fixed now. I also see that a number of imageshack servers return 404s nowadays, resulting in missing images. I'm going to leave them here for the time being in case they return. I'll work on hosting the images elsewhere.

Travestere neighborhood, Rome:

Chiesa del Something-or-other, Rome:

Monument to Sir Walter Scott, Edinburgh:

A wild party in Oslo:

Ferry landing:

Blader in Battery Park:

A photo of the Washington Monument:

A few photos from Beijing:

Great Wall, Batman! The section of the Great Wall at Ba Da Ling.

A guard in front of a Tiananmen Square monument named for Mao. Which was not too far from another structure named for Mao.

Buildings in the Forbidden City are quite large.

Kids playing b-ball in front of the Forbidden City.

Dried-fruit vendors near the Ming Tombs.

Candy shop near the jade market near the jade factory near the Ming Tombs.

Food stands at night, just south of Tiananmen Square. (Tiananmen Square, my hotel and the Google office are my only real points of reference.)

Men playing cards in an alley.

No more Beijing.

I found this set of face casts on the side of a private school here in San Francisco, and, lacking a real camera, photographed them with my cell phone. I then set it as the wallpaper on my phone to remind me to return. Finally, I did.

Photos from my series on crabbing off the coast of San Francisco.

Gene "Geno" Harding repairs a pot's rope on the way out of the bay.

After Kenny Gerner (right) plucks a pot's buoy from the water, Gene lifts the buoy to run its attached rope throught the wheel:

After verifying the crabs are of legal length, Gene tosses them into the hold.

Fishermen on boats from Oregon and Washington split rope a few days before the start of crab season:

Many years ago, before fisherman Bill Welch married his first wife, he was infatuated with a beautician named Cheryl. He did this tattoo himself, at home. Cheryl never reciprocated his feelings.

Kenny and Gene relax before a day's work of pulling crab pots:

Gene reels in a crab pot on a hydraulic jib.

Kenny kicks up his feet on his way back to port.

Even with gloves on, it hurts when these guys pinch:

After unloading the day's catch, Kenny Gerner makes spaghetti for the boat:

Bill Welch at Jack's with Brian (center) and John, two fishermen from other boats:

Processors boil crab at 4:50 AM:

Dom Papetti's boat, the Tokiwa II, returns to the harbor after about 10 hours of pulling pots:

This marks the end of an ordered set of pictures from my crab fishing story; the remainder of these photos are miscellaneous pictures--in other words, the leftovers.

Kenny and Geno:

Kenny in what must be Sal's hat, since Kenny isn't Italian:

Sal Papetti, owner of the Flying Lady:

Coming in, we passed the Tokiwa II, Sal's uncle's boat:

Kenny Gerner

Crabs must be at least 6.25 inches or have to be thrown back; the metal thing is a crab gauge.

A man with makeshift boots--yes, that's duct tape--came to the dock looking for work helping the wholesalers unload the product.

Kenny, again:


I have a few photos of cutting bait.

Here's a shot of Bill (left) and Dom, on Dom's boat, the Tokiwa II:

As you'll probably see by the end of this project, Bill smokes like a chimney. Sadly enough, it does seem to add character, which helps my photos of course. It also gives him an action to do when he'd otherwise be motionless, which makes more opportunities to take pictures.

The downside is that the poor guy has a mean smoker's cough:

Stoic fishermen:

Bill, fiddling with the radar:

I guess this day was "Bring your daughter to work day":

From the archive: I took this photo in May while at my grandparents' VA home. A man is whacking weeds in a vineyard.

Photos from killing time at the wharf:

Musicians in the Mission District:

A woman walking past a mural in the Mission District:

For lack of a better term, a seafood butcher:

You can always count on Chinatown to have some sort of event going on--this time, it's the Autumn Moon festival.

A woman tuned her guzheng before a performance.

Rick O'Malley, Algiers Point resident, on his porch:

Kenny and his dog, Mutt, at the Mississippi shore:

In Algiers, a kid named Nick Hall.

A concession stand in a community called Algiers, which is on the other side of the Mississippi from downtown N.O.

I was walking by a project-style apartment complex and these kids were sitting on this car with their mothers (the other one isn't pictured). One of the moms jokingly said, "Take our picture," as we passed by--so I took her up on the offer.

A man named Jock Alexander. I saw him playing guitar/harmonica by a tree in a park near New Orleans' riverwalk. He was actually just practicing (as opposed to busking). I thought he'd make a good photo subject, so I went and talked to him. It turns out he's from San Francisco originally, having moved to New Orleans at 19. After some wayward years and a brief stint back in the Bay Area, he returned to New Orleans to look for gigs. New Orleans is his "spot on the porch," he said, referring to that story about hippie-philosopher Carlos Castaneda and the medicine man.

A street performer in preparation.

This is the lake in my father's friend's backyard (in Benton, Louisiana).

Here're some favorites from last semester: