Saturday, July 06, 2013

A Grand Torino

Much of photography is a waiting game. You see the makings of a picture and wait - and hope - for the elements to align themselves. It happens less often than not. There's a green Torino in my neighborhood whose owner plays musical parking spaces within a few block radius, and I've often thought the car would make for a good picture given the right circumstance. A few weeks ago I saw that circumstance: it was parked before a corner store with a green awning. Unfortunately I was on my way somewhere and only had time to take a photo with my iPhone, but I suspected it'd return to that parking spot again. And so I waited, and today it was back in front of the store. I worked the setting for a little while before the car's owner showed up and drove it away. Not sure I nailed the shot, but I'm mostly sure it'll be there again. I can wait.



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Meera Rao said...

Really nice ! Love the light on the lady too.